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Why I got Blocked from "Available Now"

What’s wrong with my account? I never broke any roles of “Available Now”. Every messages i got with the mark of “Available Now” I answered in minutes. All reviews I have in 5*.I don’t have any order cancellation, The day before yesterday I got 3 orders after a long while only because of “Available Now” feature, but now, I can’t understand what i did, why fiverr says to me:

“Sorry, you’re not eligible at this time. You must have:
Less than 5 active orders
More than 5 orders completed
High completion and satisfaction scores”

Will you please help me to get understand?



It’s affecting all users as the minute I believe. :slightly_smiling_face:

Those of us who have ‘available now’ all have the last criterion in red.


I still don’t have this thing and I’m glad that I don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:
Seems like a big hassle aka PITA!


It was - I switched it off! :wink:


I think that is my bad luck having this. That’s why I have lost this.

They must have changed the criteria. and i agree with nika it was a bit of a pain

It’s not because of your bad luck. Many users are facing this. I created a ticket and here is the reply from the Fiverr team:


I find strange that Fiverr doesn’t have the time or the way to send a message to the users who have this function, explaining that it is temporarily unavailable for maintenance reasons, and to explain to those who don’t have it that, being in beta, it’s assigned at discretion. They prefer that people continue to open tickets, or ask on the forum.


There might be a calculcation that this causes fewer tickets to customer support than sending out a message about it would.


Oh I’m glad someone mentioned this. It happened to me too and I was so confused as my last two orders were rated five stars so I was completely in the dark and raised it as a ticket to Customer Support. Glad to hear it looks like a common bug. Thanks forum! :slight_smile:

According to the answer from CS, it’s not a bug, they’re working on it and it’s not available to anyone right now.

Someone? Forum is full of topics where people complain about it (and, apparently, don’t search before creating a topic of their own). :slight_smile:


haha I only say I’m glad someone mentioned this as I rarely come to the forums anymore and I thought it was just me. I haven’t looked back to see if there was a post about it before and I didn’t bother posting one as I figured I’d just get told to contact CS :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks for mentioning they’re working on it - I hadn’t gotten a message back from support yet so I was wondering what was going on! :slight_smile:

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Scroll up and you’ll see exactly what they said. :slight_smile:


No worries it will be okay after few days

If its working for some and not everyone then its a bug… period.

But I know, some developers prefer not to ear “bug” word but instead “special feature in the working” x’D