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Why, I got really irrelevance buyer request

Hey Guys, I need to know that, why, I got really irrelevance buyer request on my Fiverr profile.
Please, guys, help me to fix this issue.
Waiting for your kind responses.

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I think your gig category problem
You need to fix your gig category

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Can suggest me which categories should i select for my ASO gig?

@farrukhsohail21 your gig category problem

I recently had this issue, and then I changed my category to the relevant one, and started getting buyer requests.

Thanks for your suggestions… But can anyone suggest me that which category should I select for Apps Store Optimization to get relevant buyers request?

I did the same yesterday and BR page became clear for me. What am I doing wrong?

Try to research as a buyer what categories were chosen by your competitors.

It takes time to get new requests for you, so relax and give it some time

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Sometimes buyers would choose a wrong category for 2 reasons (this is a personal observation though):

  1. They don’t know which category to go for
    Yes, some buyers are still new, just like new sellers, they would do things they don’t really know, and end up in the wrong place
    Let me give an example. A buyer looking for a website creation (with payment system implementation + super cool interface + adsense ready + many great features) posts his request under “Content Marketing”. I think that the main reason for this is because they are not aware of the “Website Creation” under programming and tech

  2. The second reason is because they do it intentionally to avoid an overwhelming market. Let me explain.
    A buyer once put a buyer request for a blog writing service in (guess what?), UX writing. When we discussed about her project she told me she did not want to get many useless offers,

So, if you ask me, I think there is nothing wrong with your gig category, just give it some time, patience is the key here.

If this was helpful for you, please let me know,

:blush: Happy Fiverring everyone


May be you are right… Because I have selected correct & and most relevant categories.
Anyway thanks for your kindness.

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