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Why I got this type warning

Hi, anyone can tell me why this warning to me??


Because you broke the rules.


Read the Fiverr TOS to see which rule you broke. Also, you can reach out to Fiverr support at the link they provided in the email for more details.

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Well, that is a very vague email, and if I got it, I would have the same question!

Most TOS occurs if you:

  1. Deliver an order, but the file is empty because you did not finish (due to not getting enough info, but were afraid of the clock running out)
  2. Sending messages that are not wanted - spamming other users
  3. Having a auto-refresh browser app that makes you appear online 24/7 on Fiverr
  4. Being rude to buyers in messages
  5. Selling services that are not allowed

There are probably more, but, that list should get you started.



Thank you for give me good update. Now I teling you why I got this warning.
Few days ago a client given a message and I tell him I can’t start work right now. That’s why don’t want to start a order. And then he reported.

Seriously? Did the warning stay on your account?

buyer reported. And I got warning.

Were you rude to the buyer when you told them that? What was your wording, exactly?

And, if you’re not available for work, why aren’t you in Ouf of Office mode? This way, anyone can place an order whenever they want, and what would you do then?

No. I’m not rude. My behave is really good with the client.
And I’m really careful with client work. And I told the client to give your site link first then I will start the order. I’m a web developer ( WordPress ). So website link is really important. But he doesn’t want to give the link.
I told him I need full details first then we can start work. I have to fully clear on job details.

So, you asked him to send you the link of his website so you can check it out and he just refused? Why would he refuse it? Did he expect you to send him a custom offer without seeing the site and knowing what exactly needs to be done?