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Why i have 0 impressions?

Hello! I have added interesting visuals and explanations for my gigs. My tags are also very searched and popular tags. Why my impression is still 0 ?.Its been like 4 days or something. Why does nobody see my gig?

My profile:


so sad! :sob: :sob: can you check your gig is active or not?

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Yes! They’re all active.

They are probably in the queue to be approved.

Plus, since Fiverr started doing their Gig Rotation, maybe yours are not that far up the rotation currently.

Give it time.

All will be fine.


Thank you so much for the reply!

Active 24/7…i hope you achieve success


Thank you for your kind words!

Do not parrot such stupid advice as “Active 24/7”.
Are YOU active 24/7? Do YOU sleep? I would hope so, otherwise, you may end up having a psychotic episode.
There is NO way a seller (one who is not a member of some team of people) can be online 24/7. AND if YOU do appear online 24/7 because you are using a browser refresh extension, expect your account to receive a warning and possibly be suspended.

STOP giving advice if you have NO idea what the heck you are talking about. Newbies tend to listen to anything here.