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Why? I have it with this lot

I am shocked by the attitude of support and the conditions Fiverr have set for us to achieve.
I used to be level 2 and then for my reasons I was not active. Now 0 level and yet Fiverr have had one of my videos in processing for weeks. I have sent them several emails and the answer is always " its been approved" but it hasn’t been. I think I am pulling the plug. I don’t need shit like this.


Why would you stay at Level 2 if you aren’t an active seller earning revenue? Fiverr wants active sellers. Now that you’re active again, you should be able to return to Level 2 in as early as 60 days.

Very well. Good luck in your future endeavors.

I have had a video in processing for weeks. Contacted support an their response is " its been approved" BUT it still stuck in processing.
If this is the level of so called support and yet they want us to jump through hoops.

Why don’t you try re-uploading the video. Make an edit or two, and try again with a newly updated video. There is always more than one solution to every problem.

I have contacted support several times with no satisfaction. If they aren’t bothered then why should I?

If you you don’t feel that you should be bothered to try other solutions, then why are you complaining here on the forum? We cannot help you get promoted or process a gig video. There isn’t anything we can do to assist you with your concerns. Your solutions are to do what you need to do in order to be promoted, or, for your other issue, upload a new video.

You aren’t always going to receive the answers you want to hear. That’s not how Support works.

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just calm down dud, everything happen with a reason. all will be well bro… wishing you very best

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Sorry, I thought this is about Fiverr experiences?