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Why i have 'no buyer request found'?

I have ‘no buyer request’ in my page


Buyer requests (BRs) don’t appear all the time (at least for new sellers/no level sellers). It depends on whether there are buyers posting BRs or not. Sometimes, it could just be that there are no buyers placing requests.

In my experience, I found the BRs to appear randomly: they can appear at ANYTIME of the day/night! So, you have to keep checking as much as you possibly can BECAUSE when they do finally appear, you only have a couple of minutes or so to respond to them before they disappear again. This is because — once a buyer request gets 10 offers from new/no level sellers, it gets automatically removed from view (for new/no level sellers).

You only have a really small window within which you can apply.

So, you have to always be on the lookout (as much as you can) and be quick! Also, before applying, read the buyer request carefully and ONLY apply to those jobs that you know you can do justice to.

To sum it all up (TL;DR)-

Buyer requests can show up at ANYTIME! Totally random!

Once they do show up, they often disappear within a few minutes! LIKE A SHOOTING STAR!

So, you gotta always be on the lookout (as much as you can, if you want to post offers in response to BRs).

Best wishes…

You can find more info. on BRs here-


Market your gigs, and please search the forum before you post a problem