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Why I have no orders! When I have a keywords focused gig description, title and media files

I’m not getting orders?

Even have Impressions more than 100 each day!

Please Suggest something to improve my grow up chances!

Thanks to all sincere members!

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Here is my gig!

If you need it for review! :slight_smile:

Everything looks fine - the only feedback I’d have is your featured gig photo is kind of busy - it has a lot on there compared to successful sellers in the category. Perhaps simplify your featured gig photo, make it grab at a buyer’s emotions through color psychology and emotive words (for example, one seller has on there “Facebook Ads (That Sell!)” describe the benefits with emotive language). Hope that makes sense. =) Otherwise everything else looks great.

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Thank You so much for such a generous!

I will look on that!