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Why i have not come any orders..?

I have one order only last month…but after i have no any orders…but i have 7 gigs…please help me because i am talented guy…someone please help me


Going through the same thing bro. I’m a new seller trying to get buyers to purchase my gigs since early this month. So far no luck. But from what I have read on here, December is notoriously slow for freelancers here. Hopefully things pick up next month.


You have to put so much effort to get sales. Getting order is not a that simple. Find your target customer.


really thanks for the reply bro @eliaslns so i can pick some on next month keep your job and good luck

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Thanks bro @danigraph i can find some…but that was not easy for begginers

i am new here please support ,guide me to get more orders

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I am sure they will come in. Good luck!


Thanks for rely to me @justpauld

Just be patient. These things happen. Even as a level 2 seller, there are times when I have to wait for a whole week before getting another order.
You may be talented but buyers don’t know that. All you need to do is convince them that you are through your gig descriptions.

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what i can do prove them my talent @ojotemmy002

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There are many similar gigs available already, so it would be very hard to stand out unless yours are VERY unique. Unfortunately when I see your gigs they don’t really stand out, in fact I think some of your sample images are something you just found online and tweaked a bit, plus your gig description has poor grammar. That is enough to make a lot of buyers not want to buy your gig.


Having many gigs doesn’t determine you making more sales.
I know of a seller here in this forum that has just 3 gigs and she has reached the level 2 rank.

All you need to do is to make your gigs describe what you are offering in full, with good grammar structure.
And also, don’t just get pictures online and tweak them, they do not put forward what you are offering.

Send buyers request regularly, only through these you can quickly get an order. But write your proposal with good grammar structure.

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Listen to Zeus777. In the buyers request page, whenyoy pick an order you are sure you can do, convince them that you can get the job done.
Your gig description also shoes your talent in a way.

Can you help me for make good grammer discription…and can you look around my profile…?

I suggest you to hire someone at Fiverr to edit your gig description.
There are services like that available here:✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=edit+gigs


I am in the same way

I’m from KaruZone.
I’m a level 2 seller. But frankly speaking you have wait a lot for getting a new order. & now the December is a holiday month. So the order is slow. I have to do a lot to prove myself :slight_smile:

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