Why I have not much order ! :(


why I have not much order ! :frowning:

a week or two just a single command: /

What is the problem or tell me the solution



It can be a lot of reasons. Maybe you offer some very specific services (which is not necessarily a bad thing I think) and you do not have a lot of people looking for what you offer (yet). Maybe you have low visibility on fiverr because you are still only a couple of weeks active. You also have a picture of a famous actor on your profile and people might think you are more trustworthy with your own picture. I use some kind of logo myself but a lot of people show pictures and I think that works for them.

Maybe give it a bit more time, but also keep testing your texts,gigs and visuals to attract interested people and see what works best. They also give alot of useful tips here on Fiverr that you can follow.

Good luck!


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yes I know not the problem

Anyway I work No Grave

and thank you for information


Hi Simon

Your gigs look great, I think it’s just a matter of time and things will pick up!


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I hope all is well thank you


I think the profile picture is doing you more harm than good, for one thing. Using a picture of someone famous (apparently an Algerian businessman and political activist) that in no way matches your profile starts you off on the wrong foot.

Your gig descriptions are hard to read since you have missing words and errors.

Your overall rating is only 92% and when you get closer to percentages in the 80’s it will often have a negative impact.

You need to clean up your descriptions, use either a nice unique logo (not a copied one) or your photo and work hard to get a good number of higher ratings to get you back up to at least 95%. If orders are too slow, offer really good deals and discount, try buyer requests and advertise your gigs elsewhere to pull in some buyers. If you can do those things you’ll have a much better chance of success. Good luck!


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I hope all is well thank you