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Why I lost my ranked gig?

Hello friends,

Good morning and hope you are fine.

Today I want to know the reason behind my gig’s ranking drop.
for the last 5/6 months, our gig was in rank that’s means it was on the first page. But suddenly I saw today (26 January) that our gig is not on the first page. I even looked up the 10/15 page as well and couldn’t find it. We’re level 2 seller on Fiver our order completion rate is 93% and our on-time delivery rate 98%. Has anyone ever faced this kinda problem? On this gig we still have 4 order queues ALHAMDULILLAH. Now what should we do? We did face this problem once before.
So I’m hoping everyone’s support and opinions


I understand that, it is very sad for you, But do not tried up. Be active and I hope you will be success.


Every few days someone (or three) asks this.

It is probably just that Fiverr are rotating their ranking algo to let others take the spotlight for a while - just as you clearly have for the last little while.



Sometimes I wonder if higher rate of everything, also plays into the algorithm. :roll_eyes: I think it has got to do with the algorithm as well.


log out from your fiverr account and then search for your gig on a new tab.


I faced the same problem. my gigs were de-rank from 1st page to last within 1 day my performance was awesome stats was 98 plus but still face the problem.

I contact Fiverr support they said there is no problem with my gigs and account other sellers performance better then me that’s the reason my gig de-rank.

My problem solved.
I edit my gigs and advertise on FB and google AdWords and after few days my gigs back to actual position and category and search result.


Fiverr support advertise on FB and Google AdWords?

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So you tell me I have to wait?

I don’t think you are supposed to use Google ad words to advertise your Gig. Someone else may have more info on that, but that could get your account suspended or even banned if it is against the TOS. (which I think it is if I remember correctly) Here is some info I dug up from a post in April 2020:

here is the reply from Fiverr Team:

  • The short answer is that you are allowed to use Google and other search engine paid ads, as long as you don’t send the paid traffic directly to Fiverr (You have to send the ads traffic to your own website/landing page and add your Fiverr affiliate links over there), you are not allowed to bid on any Fiverr brand-related keyword and your ad must not mislead potential customers into thinking you represent Fiver in any way .

Regarding the relevant T&Cs, please read these rules carefully:

Fiverr is responsible for each wording and picture it promotes on the web as a company. Therefore, direct Fiverr promotion on Facebook and Google is not allowed. You can’t use the Fiverr trademark or pretend to be Fiverr. You can only recommend from your objective.

So, unless you have your OWN website that you are driving traffic to and then have your Fiverr link to your listing here - you CANNOT advertise your Fiverr Gig using Google Adwords and direct your advertising from that to Fiverr - it has to go to your own hosted domain.


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Hey there! We meet again.

It is bad forum etiquette to “hijack” someone else’s post.

Since you have only read 35 minutes of the forum, I would suggest you use the search icon in the upper right hand corner of the page here - looks like a magnifying glass - and search for “how to get my first order”. You will have literally HOURS of reading on the topic, as this very question is asked hundreds of times a week.

Good luck!


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Read my post below on how you can use Google Adwords. FB is Ok, but, are you advertising to the right people?


So you tell me I can advertise my gig on facebook I mean paid add?

Yes. But, if you read above, you CANNOT lead your paid traffic to Fiverr itself - you have to have your OWN site or blog etc and lead them there where they can then click on links to your Gig.


The Gig position of Fiverr is not fixed or constant. Each and every seller evaluate by their works. Best performed gigs will be stay on first page.
That’s are many factors for rank or de- rank gigs. But one of the main factor the suddenly gig become out of search result is that how was last last order delivery.
If you get negetive review and bad private feedback from buyer, sometimes gig become out of search result.

It is a very good sign for you to get back the gig position.
Do the excellent work on upcoming delivery and get fantastic review from buyer including private feedback. If you will able to make the buyer full satisfied on your work, they will give you positive private feedback. And you will get back again your gig rank.

Hi! Check the gig ranking part of this post out for more information on why your gig ranking dropped: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

are you get back the rank brother ?

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Actually my gig is now first page but it’s not at the top. That’s why I didn’t get enough order so far. I don’t know what to do now. What’s your status?