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Why I lost my Ranking due to Limit Order?


Hi, Fiverr Community !!

3 weeks back, I wanted to go on vacation for 1 week, so I limit my order in the queue to 1.
Before Limit the order, My Gig was ranked on the first page of search result.

When I got back to work from vacation and then put the limit order off. It has been almost more than 1 week, I’m not getting new buyers. I’ve 2 orders active right now from the repeat client. but I don’t get new buyers.

so, Can someone let me know, how I get my Ranking back?

Before going to vacation, I refund almost 3 orders due to time shortage.
Right now My Order completion rate is 74. But I remember My gig was ranked even I’ve 70, sometimes.

With best Regards
Mannan Mehroz