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Why I love Fiverr

Fiverr was where I turned to after I had quit my graphic designing job due to health reasons

Fiverr gave me confidence and hope that I really could generate a steady income doing something I absolutely loved

Fiverr was there for me when my mum fell ill and I had to fly to be with her. No matter where in the world I was, I could always work on Fiverr.

Fiverr was there as an additional source of income to help my parents through tough times

And not only is the system great, the community and my buyers were equally amazing and understanding when I had to take longer than usual to deliver my work since I was running in between the hospital and home.

Why do you love Fiverr?

I love fiverr because I can put to use my arcane knowledge every day and connect with people all over the world.

This website may do more to help people improve their lives than any other site.

I really love fiverr because of the following reasons

  1. Fiverr allows me to work on my own schedule
  2. Fiverr allows me to do what i love

Those are excellent reasons to love Fiverr! :slight_smile:

I think this site is pretty cool cos there are many sellers selling different kind of things (writing services, funny videos, gifts, etc). It is kind of more interesting than some other shopping sites. I enjoy reading the forum (I get to learn about some things I did not know before). Sometimes what people have said in the forum made me laugh. I don´t have many things to do on daily basis. I worked for some companies in the past (and some years worked abroad), so I am kind of semi retired now. It can be boring to be a housewife sometimes, so I thought to make myself busy. I found Fiverr (I forgot how I found out about Fiverr) and thought to sell a few gigs (but I am a moody person - I know many things I should do to get orders whatsoever but I am just too lazy to do it. I said to myself I would do it, but nope, it´s always ˝I´ll do it tomorrow˝ and so on and so on). I then got an idea to make a Youtube travelling channel (I have had a private travelling blog for more than 2 years now - but I don´t write there regularly as it depends on my mood), and I want to focus on that thing (for now - until I am still excited about it). I like hearing success stories from sellers here (some make me proud of them - I mean, if they were my friends I would be proud of them). But I don´t know if I love Fiverr or not. Saying I love Fiverr from my end is a bit too much. But of course for some people it´s what they really feel :slight_smile:

I love Fiverr because I can do what I love and get paid for it.
I love that I can work from home or even when I am on vacation.
I love that I can work on my own terms and that this is an awesome way to built a portfolio.

In case you missed the point, I kind of love Fiverr.