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Why I love tip jars and consultation gigs

Originally, I came to 5r for micro work, something fast and quick. If I needed a short story proofread or edited, a quick translation for a book blurb into any language, etc., 5r was the place to come. It was fast, the process was easy and the sellers gave me great work.

Nowadays, I find myself doing more complicated projects on 5r. I am putting together a site that requires more technical and time-consuming work. I need complicated articles and blogs written, animation/graphic artwork for specific nitch to fit website/blog/community.

I have great deal of confidence in the abilities of 5r sellers to deliver exactly what I want. The problem is that before I shell out hundreds or several, I want to consult with them to see if they are the right fit.

Right consulting take time and time is money. If the sellers had a tip jar/consultation gig, I can use it to buy your time. I pay you $5 or $10 to give you what I need and how I want it done, you give your response. If we are the right fit, I can order; if not, you were somewhat compensated for your time.

If you offer a complicated service such as high tech web design, artwork, etc. it may be in your best interest to have one of these gigs. Even if you do not have a complex gig, occasionally, a repeat buyer, for the goodness of their heart, want to give you a Crhistmas present. I mean a tip gig is free money, so what have you got to lose?



In last week I got 20$ as Tip from 10$ Gig…Hahaha…!!! :smile::smile::smile::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

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Hi @gina_riley2! :slight_smile: It’s nice to see you around the forum! I agree with you as a buyer and a seller - I too love gigs or packages that allow for things like consultations, samples, and tips. I got rid of the tip gig I originally had as a seller when the tip feature was released because I thought the feature would replace all of the things that I had used a tip gig for. Later I came to regret it. More than once I had message from people who said they would like the opportunity to use a gig that like for something that didn’t fit elsewhere.

I also had some buyers and even sellers who asked me for work or information that I wasn’t sure about so I gave them free information in the process of figuring things out and they actually ended up not needing an order. Two of them said that if I had a tip gig they would have used to it choose an amount to send me since they felt I had still done work for them! I finally re-created mine when that happened and I look for tip gigs on other people’s gigs when I need something like that. I hadn’t thought of presents, but that’s a great idea too! Thanks a lot for posting something that could help new and veteran sellers. Holla from Texas! :wave:


Hello Ms. Maddie,

Everyone should have a tip jar - I mean it’s free money, literally, since there is no work involved.

You never know when some random buyer will come along and give away money, or in Woofy`s case, a billionaire.

I wonder if that billionaire ever make good on his promise? :thinking:


Maybe you can ask him and let us know?