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Why i m not getting order


tnx in advance
I am create 2 gig about background remove, photo retouch ,but i am not getting any order .
plz some one help me please
somebody tell me about buyer request , but when i go to buyer request ,there have nothing .
please help me please .


hare is my bayer request option ,nothing hare , plz help someone


hare is my gig link


you will not see the buyer request all the time you will only see them in a day 2 times or once you have to discover the time by every-time refreshing the buyer request page and every time you see any request alive on that page then just take note the time when you see them and check the buyer request page on that exact time you have taken the note


thanks , brother , so i have to onlline all the time?


exactly brother you have to be online all the time if you want a good sell


brother can u help me an another tropic? i am new ,i create a gig , but cant understand have nay problem in my gig or how to improve my gig , can you see my gig can tell me something about that , whats wrong in my gig ,please brother


Your gigs are good there is no problem. the category in which your gigs are very competitive and very hard to get orders. Create some unique gigs.


i can do pdf convert make ,fillable form, import pdf file to microsoft excel ,word , more about pdf conversion , can i make gig about this ,have any scope sister?


You can create 7 gigs more gigs will increase the chance of getting orders.


spouse a create 7 gig but i cant get order , thats can i make any gig , or then what can i do?


If your gig not getting order for a long time than delete that and create another one.

  • “Photoshop Expert” instead of Photoshop expart. (your tag line)
  • Offering unlimited revisions for usd 5 not a good idea at all


good ,can do this? have not any problem?


sir ,i am new on marketplace , plz give me tips now what can i do?


No there is no problem in deleting and recreating gigs.




You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Sir isn’t correct if you do not know someone’s gender.


Out of interest, have you looked to see how much competition you have on Fiverr?

15,408 other gigs on Fiverr, all offering background removal in Photoshop.

Why should someone choose YOU over the other 15,407 gigs?