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Why i m not getting order


sorry , plz give me tips ,what can i do now?


right ,now what can i do ? i have to change to my work type , i will try to work about design like t shart ,



That isn’t what I asked you. I asked why someone should choose YOU instead of the many thousands of other providers on Fiverr.

Switching to Tee Shirt design won’t change your issue. There are thousands of Tee Shirt designers on Fiverr as well. There are very few markets that are not hugely saturated.

So again… Why should someone choose you instead of anyone else?


social media design like facebook,Instagram,youtube header,cover and banner this types of work you choose this is good…


As a new seller of fiverr, You can’t see Buyer request all time. For getting order Three things are important:

  1. Gig Thumbnail Image ( It will be attractive)
  2. Gig Description ( Mention here why you are best for this service )
  3. Keyword ( Tittle & Tag )

after all this you can send a good buyer request also you can some social marketing not spamming.


Your gig description is not okay. You have should write easy to readable description. Use some space …And follow some top user but do not copy them… Just take idea from their gigs.


where is the wrong ?tell me bro


check the good sellers gigs and description then you can understand easily … And remember this do not copy those gigs …