Why I,m not Getting Orders


Hey! Fiverrs

What going wrong with my Gig why I,m not getting orders

is there something wrong with my gig description?

Can any fiverr expert seller check my gig and tell me the reason where I,m wrong;(

I promote my gig on social media but still no response,I try to communicate people with confidence,friendly,understandable way but why than I,m still on level one and not getting more work



So am i. Solutions please.


Any one is there???


I think graphic design department has tough competitors and seller !

I’m in one too but i find it very difficult to get orders :frowning:

You guys are really talented i can see that :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I’m too facing a similar situation.

Hopefully waiting for some advice from experienced seller :slight_smile:

Good luck.