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Why I need to reload the fiver webpage in every 2-3 minutes to show me active?

I am a new seller in fiver. If I want to get an order in fiver I need to active here. I need to reload the page every 2-3 minutes otherwise fiver did not show me active. What is the time to reload the page to show me active in fiver? So that I can get an order from my gig. Give me some suggestions about that.

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You can even get orders while you are offline/inactive.

You don’t really have to reload anything. Just do your regular work and it will keep showing that you are online.

Because at that point, you are just staying inactive, or away from keyboard.

The time is when you are actually active on Fiverr, not when you are away. Don’t trick users thinking they would order when you are not even online on the platform.


I know that but If I work outside fiver only for 5 minutes but the tab was open. It also show me inactive here

You don’t need to be online all the time to get orders. If you’re not getting orders, it’s not because or not only because you’re offline. It’s a myth.


You need to active online. Because, buyers who need urgent work will send message to active sellers.