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Why i not receive money?



client confirm order and put in complete. Why i not receive money yet?


you recieve your funds shortyly


really? generally it’s immediate.


contact support if it persist


Your funds are available 14 days after the order is marked as complete. If you go to Selling at the top of the Fiverr main page and then Earnings you can check how this is progressing.


According to my knowledge it takes a few days.


As a client confirms your delivery/order OR after 3 days of submission of orders
The amount is added immediately and you can check this when you do to earnings sub-menu
However fiverr keeps about 14 days for security purpose like if the buyer wants a refund then they can do it and cancel the order as well
So after 2 weeks it is finally added to your fiverr wallet


Since when its immediate ? lol

Once the buyer mark the order as complete, you need to wait 14 Days for the funds to clear up, then you can withdraw it to your PayPal or other online bank account.