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Why I receive too much mutual cancelation on this gig?


My all gigs are working perfectly and I am getting orders but I have one gig where mutual cancellation ratio of gigs is very high.

Almost, 25% orders has been canceled mutually on this gig (buyers immediately demands for mutual cancellation after few seconds of ordering the gig) and when I ask the buyer, why he has canceled this gig, I never received an answer from them.

Can you analyze the gig and provide me any info that why am I facing this issue.

Moreover, is there anyone else facing this issue?

Sorry to say we have no idea. When ADMIN returns this might be removed.

You might be thinking of self promotion? Absolutely not.

Its a serious question and I need some suggestion on it.

We have no way of knowing.

Also, I asked if anyone else having this issue?

Let the other members reply.


Links are self-promotion in any category except My Fiverr Gigs and Improve my Gig, so your post was moved for you. I don’t know if you will get much more response after your brisk responses to @misscrystal. I don’t have any suggestions for you.