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Why I reduce my rate having more accuracy

I have a question why i reduce my cost if i deserved high?Is it means fiverr wanted low paid freelancer from others instead of having freelancer accuracy.
Please check this gig :


Only you know why you set up a low cost :woman_shrugging: You can put any price on your gigs that you think is fair for your work.


i replied you earlier. just think practically, you have low in star then why any buyer will take the risk to invest high amount of money?

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I have no idea what is happening here since people mention you already started this somewhere else.

Also I am not a fan of your concept of starting new topics and placing text from blogs and writing tips that are already available on the forum and internet, BUT…

You do not have to have low price to get orders on Fiverr. It all depends on what kind of service you are offering and what kind of buyers you want to have.

If you are offering background removal then yes, it is illogical that you put 50$ per photo since today we have a supreme tools to do that fast and effective, automatic or with pen tool.

But if you are offering package design pricing it at 10$ will get you the clients hoping to get 500$ worth design for 10, or clients who know they will get nothing for 10$ but they do not care.

You should put price that is equal to the value you are willing to work for.

I am willing to create custom OBS overlays for 5$ each, minimum order is 3. I worked longer to create settings and templates and I can create them fast, effective and with HD resolution result every time.

I am not willing to create logo for under 100$. I will not sell it either for that “expensive” price, but that is my decision.
The time consumption in making logo is just not realistic for 5$ and similar prices.

Regarding your GIG. I need custom mobile app. I was going to look around what is available but I will look for lowest possible price.

Not because I am cheap and my budget is unrealistic. It is just because I count that every single dollar from that money will be lost, so at least I will not loose much. I had bad experience with mobile app developers. So, see, it all depends on the client state of mind.

I lost 250$ on mobile app I can not use.

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As far as I understood, OP is not a developer but UI/UX designer. These are different skillsets.

I am just taking UI/UX course and OP seems to be not far away from what trainer said about start price when you are new and wish to get clients.

However, not on Fiverr. :joy:

UI/UX design has 17 459 Services available

13 717 Services available out of that are New Seller

9 050 Services available out of New Seller come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India

1 897 Services available out of New Seller coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India start $5 :thinking:

Clearly, this is not healthy/even competition as well.