Why i see notification after verifying my phone?


I have been verified my phone number 3 times but its again showing me verified my phone number what to do now?


You do realize that we are normal forum users and cannot assist you with such matters. This is something only Customer Support can help you with.


I already support help for customer support but eagerly want to know .


Why are you so eager? You still have 29 days left before that warning does any harm… CS is busy answering tons of daily tickets, give them time to reach your ticket and reply back. You can’t just rush them :wink:


possible to help other next time someone felt on this situation


This won’t happen too often and to many others, because it’s currently a new in-development feature and once it’s been designed properly it can’t happen anymore.

More so, that problem can only be fixed by CS. There is no solution that can be posted on the forum for others to see, because this is an internal development problem, which is outside the scope of this forum, and everyone will have to contact CS for it to be solved :wink:


You don’t understand what i mention in the topics . I have asked because it’s rare case . you can see that my phone is varified in the pic and again it’s showing me the notification that’s why asked forum that if other has same problem or only me facing the problem . Even fiverr customer support are not finding the solution they could not understand why notification still showing me after veryfing phone number 3 time in a day?


I’m sorry about the off-topic, what do you mean by this sentence in your profile description: “Not intersted specially South Asian client.”?

To stay on topic: this is the first time I see something like that happening. Phone verification worked fine for me. Hopefully CS will find a way to fix it for you.


@habib4236 Mentioning in your profile or gig descriptions that you are not interested in clients from specific countries or regions is a direct violation of the site’s Terms of Service:

The Fiverr marketplace is open to everyone. Discrimination against a community member based on gender, race, age, religious affiliation, sexual preference or otherwise is not acceptable and may result in the suspension/removal of your account.

So please kindly remove that note from your profile and gigs as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.


@Woofy31, @catwriter, @n4y33m,

Leave the guy alone. If he doesn’t want to work with Asians, I’ll be happy to stay away and hire the other 1.5 million other sellers who would be happy to take my money.

I would prefer to see it, so that I’ll know to stay away.

  • Sincerely, An Asian Gal :grinning:


I asked a few months ago CS directly if it was allowed to do the same thing that the OP currently does (limiting ones clientele to specific regions/countries), and they gave me a very firm no-no and referred me to the TOS.

Do you know why I didn’t let him and asked him to remove that from his profile? To help him :slight_smile: Because soon in the near future Fiverr will suspend his account because of a TOS breach (it’s just a matter of when, not if, unfortunately), just like I’ve seen it so often happening with sellers on the forum complaining that they don’t know why or what they did to have their accounts suspended.

P.S. and as an aside: I truly luv asiangals! :smiley:


??? Uh, not sure how to take that. :confused:


Do you know Pandora Music? It works only for US, Australia and New Zealand - some sites specifically provide their service for a set of regions/countries. I simply asked CS if it was allowed to do the same, since some services could only be provided to specific regions/countries - but it isn’t allowed, and Fiverr then explicitly put in their TOS that the platform should be an open marketplace for everyone.


To give you a concrete example, my service doesn’t work with sites from countries that use non-latin alphabet because my tools cannot render those languages, yet I wasn’t allowed to specify the regions that use those languages that in my gig description, hence I have to face cancellations from buyers with such sites because I was not allowed to mention that :frowning: (I tried specifying only “non-latin alphabet”, but it’s like buyers don’t even see that, so I thought maybe they’d see their languages/countries if those were listed instead, but CS said it was a definite no-no)