Why I started with Fiverr (WARNING - THIS IS EMOTIONAL)


Hello Fiverr,

We all have a story to why and when we decided to join the community for sellers and buyers.

The story to why I started working with Fiverr is pretty simple and clear. It all started 2011 when my biological brother took his life, since then life has been traumatizing and hard since his suicide. I had a hard time explaining my emotions to psychologists and therapists - that is why I got into music. When I rapped I felt better, no matter what had passed me during the day.

Everything was going well and life was beautiful… Until 2014. My second biological (half-brother) died for a reason I cannot share with an online community. I coped with that too - then all of a sudden, roughly three weeks ago, my father left us (me and my mother); leaving the household and bills for my beloved mother. I could not stand seeing her against the bills on her own.

The only thing I had was rap and music. I decided to join Fiverr and to give my soul and heart to the customers. Every penny earned is given to my mother. Since I joined, I have had six customers. Also, having one in queue.

What is your story?

I do not know if I am allowed to link to my gig here, but here it is:


If it is breaking any rules, a moderator may remove it. Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,



Reply to @julipalmer7: Thank you so much for your kind words. It is appreciated!


I am sorry if posting the link of your Fiverr is against the rules. No disrespect intended.


Wow I am sorry to hear this but please continue to work through your circumstances and know that this is only for a time. May you continue to do well on here and your sales will be increased.


I see you speak in Persian, maybe you could do a gig for that. Rap exists in every language.

Either way, I’m glad Fiverr helped you.


nice to see that fiverr helping you. Tips for you.

  1. add extras to your gig like , " i will rap on your music"
  2. i will do green screen video for rap.

    Then add another gig

    i will do green screen video raping

    add extras for this like i will do rap on your music.

    i hope whit will help you a lot. (green screen mean use only a green sheet in your back ground when you making video. video makers and singer can you use you in their songs.

    BTW you are doing good.


@fastcopywriter - thank you for the tip!

@abidagfx - I really appreciate your help and thank you for taking your time to get me started. It’s always amazing seeing individuals lending a helping hand! Bless you.


Reply to @skproductions: YOU ARE WELCOME.


Reply to @abidagfx: I tried posting a discussion in the “Tips for Sellers” section, but Cloudflare blocked my post. Therefore, I post here to see if I am blocked from commenting too and if you happen to know why - please enlighten me!


No problem!