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Why I stopped offering Unlimited Revisions!


As I designer I find it more comforting for clients when I offer a package of my gig with unlimited revisions, and although the price for this package is considerably higher, I got a client who ordered it and I was really happy with that.

Doing my best, creating a draft, tweaking it, then creating a second design and getting a reply, Phenomenal! and then he keeps asking for tweaks which I do happily and submit.
Then I get a Revision request and I take care of it and submit again but then I get a Second request ans so until today, the 5th Revision request which I did and submitted again to finally get a Marked as Complete.

An to my absolute surprise, I get a 2.5 star-review!
After all the time spent( around 6 days), 5 revisions, he simply says" It also said unlimited revisions, but that was not the case."

Well, I am really disappointed by this kind of behavior and will never offer Unlimited revisions again to anyone.