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Why I stopped offering Unlimited Revisions!


As I designer I find it more comforting for clients when I offer a package of my gig with unlimited revisions, and although the price for this package is considerably higher, I got a client who ordered it and I was really happy with that.

Doing my best, creating a draft, tweaking it, then creating a second design and getting a reply, Phenomenal! and then he keeps asking for tweaks which I do happily and submit.
Then I get a Revision request and I take care of it and submit again but then I get a Second request ans so until today, the 5th Revision request which I did and submitted again to finally get a Marked as Complete.

An to my absolute surprise, I get a 2.5 star-review!
After all the time spent( around 6 days), 5 revisions, he simply says" It also said unlimited revisions, but that was not the case."

Well, I am really disappointed by this kind of behavior and will never offer Unlimited revisions again to anyone.


If you get fiverr level 1 or 2. You can stop offering unlimited revision


If someone is spending their hard earned time on work for me, I’d appreciate it. i do graphic designing and it takes more focus than my full time job, and all that attention to detail. So I know that anything a seller does, as long as they communicate well, I couldn’t leave them a poor review if they were working with me. But that’s just me & I deal with customers at my job like this.


The strange and funny thing that I noticed is that old clients often forget to leave feedback thinking that they had already rated my work and think that they don’t need to leave one for each project!


I’ve had mine abused too. I normally am happy to provide a few but after 6, it’s too much


I think relatively new sellers don’t have a choice. It makes customers have the feeling that you are flexible and willing to work because they might not have seen enough reviews to judge you.
I still give unlimited reviews for now.


very helpful information. thank you.


Bad Minded Client :sob: :sob: I also met someone like that and He gave me2019-02-10%2017_45_02-Start


I fully agree with you. After all, a buyer cannot be sure how good a seller is. Offering unlimited revisions really helps when you’re starting out.


I fully agree with you. After all, a buyer cannot be sure how good a seller is. Offering unlimited revisions really helps when you’re starting out.

Well, I’ve been offering one free revision since day one so I’d say it isn’t really helpful. To be honest, Been thinking of getting rid of free revisions completely.


You made the right decision. I offer 1 revision because Fiverr allows buyers to demand it even if I offer 0 revisions. I might do an additional revision if the buyer is nice about it.

Unlimited revisions are a waste of time.


I have noticed that any seller who request revisions even just once dont usually leave positive reviews.
They believed you are not 100% perfect in what you are doing.


pls do you know why i dont have the buyer request feature on my account?


No. I suggest you contact support


If you’ve recently lost your seller level, then you lose the Buyer requests feature until you regain it again.
So, what level are you in now?


Hey @elmalak, I understand your situation. I personally feel at this point, because I am new to this platform, and have received no work yet, that offering unlimited revisions in my service may seem appealing to potential buyers. With that said, I can sympathize with why one would opt out of offering that, especially if you are an established seller here. I believe that not everyone values the time, energy and effort that goes into actually completing a job well, and that offering Anything unlimited could potentially be abused. I Hope that you don’t allow such instances of abuse to deter your efforts as an excellent seller!

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@sefsvoice, I understand your point of course and agree with you that as a New Seller you might need to do that at the beginning but after a while you will probably need to opt-out due to possible abusers of this feature.
Best of luck.


i do get this kind of issue and what they did is they didn’t leaved any feedback and one buyers he is just provided 1 feedback but he placed 2 order.
i’ve get 7 order till now and now i’m not getting any order and buying request so i can get the order.

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Thank you elmalak. I appreciate your input and advice. I wish you the very best as well!

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From personal experience, buyers have rarely asked me for more than 2 revisions. Once passed this number, it was clear that I could’t meet their requirements. After all, buyers don’t want to waste their time asking for modifications, and they will cancel the order.

At the same time, however, buyers want to get their money’s worth and “unlimited revisions” gives them that reassurance, and almost illusion, that they can get exactly what they want.