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Why I stopped offering Unlimited Revisions!


That’s not necessarily true. There are many reasons why buyers ask for revisions and plenty more for not leaving reviews. And I’ll give you an example: I have a returning buyer who has ordered from me several times and hasn’t left yet the first review. Ask me why… :roll_eyes: :frowning_face:


Same here, where do these buyers go? :ghost:


Very helpful information

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Its not always true but most of the times, I don’t receive 5 star from buyers that request for revisions.
Am interested in the concluding part of your buyer that doesn’t leave review


On the other hand, one and zero revision could present you as a confident person who really knows what he/she does. Assuming you’re one of those people. When I started my Fiverr venture, I immediately saw the “plot holes” in the conception of unlimited revisions.


hahaha, sorry, I thought everyone would understand :wink:

It’s just a way we use here in Venezuela to say we don’t know why, something similar to saying “go guess” or “go figure”.

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Tell me about it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Both are good strategies levente_gl . In the end, you have to find which one works best for your service.


Buyers attitude is a common thing here, every 2nd person (seller) is complaining about it. But unfortunately the concerned ppl are not taking it seriously.


You are right, no need to offer unlimited revisions
if you are level 1 or above seller


Interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

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I believe that many people take advantage of the free revisions to obtain profits from the product at a lower price.

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I offer 0 revisions.


thanks brother for helping us

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Thanks a lot elmalak for giving the help ful post


Not always,
I had some buyers who requested for revisions and where impressed with the way it was delivered.
Therefore. Giving a fantastic review.

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I understand where you come from, buyers can be relentless, especially when they think they won’t get what they’re paying for, exactly how they want it.

I’m a designer too. I offer 1 revision and it’s always been so. Nonetheless, if I’m asked to do more revisions after the 1st one, I’ll still do it.

However, there is a difference between a revision and a re-do. I always tell buyers I offer a full re-do if they don’t happen to like the 1st version, and when it comes to additional changes or tweaks, I just do them, no point in arguing with buyers, I just do them.

There are times where these revisions will actually take longer than just a moment, in these cases I try to level with them and say “I’ve no problem redoing or fixing this or that, but I’ll need to ask you for the extra time required to do so”, so I ask for deadline extension.

I know it’s more work and no compensation, but you’ll be surprised how thankful buyers will be for receiving just what they wanted without whining from the seller (me), I just keep an attitude of service.

Very few times have I asked for more money for a re-do, but that’s only when it’s pretty obvious they’re asking for something completely different down the line, or if they never mentioned the new aspects of the revision before (did I make sense?)

So this one guy, don’t let it get at you. If your heart is on the right place next time will be better

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Thanks your Suggestion. It’s so Helpful for Me.


very helpful information :slight_smile:

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What’s for the new seller? I think they should give unlimited revisions to gather some buyer(don’t know is it even works) sometimes.