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Why I think fiverr is going down

  1. The 20% fee. It’s ridiculous. It has always been.

  2. It’s more about the buyers than the sellers. Whenever a buyer wants to cancel an order for whatever reason, If the seller has funds available in the fiverr account, the order will be cancelled.
    Also, You can’t take my money that I earned from another buyer and use it to refund someone else. How is this even allowed?!

  3. The forum. It used to be a lot better. I don’t see how this new forum is an improvement.
    It’s much cleaner, but way more interactive (personal opinion)
    I personally rarely use it now.

  4. The website itself has been getting a lot more issues lately. I think it’s the server.
    The search functionality has been disabled for WAY too long and it’s causing me so many problems, I can’t imagine the amount of inconvenience cause to other, more busy sellers.
    and there is no update from fiverr admins?
    The social media is only used to promote their own propaganda.

  5. The Inbox. It’s just unreliable when sending long messages.
    ALOT of times my messages that I have sent, were never received on the other side… (it was mostly when the messages were 500+ characters long)

Same with the android app, messages don’t go through sometimes. even though the app shows it did.

  1. The search algorithm. Many talented sellers with 1000+ reviews (like myself) get absolutely no reputation.
    Try searching for “logo” or “logo design” and see the gibberish

  2. The Buyer Request section. Which is full of sellers advertising their services, people asking for specific sellers, saying they paid someone and didn’t get delivery. It’s like there is absolutely no supervision.

I could go on, but what’s the point.
This was my first escrow service that I joined as a freelancer.
It feels like if fiverr was run by more capable management, this platform could have been much better.

I’m glad I found better alternatives. I really hope it gets better.

I’m doing great here. I can achieve more here than any other site.
Any website that can raise 60 million dollars from investors and is in the top 500 of all sites on the internet is here to stay.

Thousands of people worldwide who would have no other way to earn money make more money on fiverr than they could ever hope to make in their home towns, or from any other site. I don’t think people realize the enormity of the site or what is being accomplished by fiverr. The sheer reach of the help it gives people all over the world cannot be overestimated.

Yes there are bugs but overall it’s a great site.

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I totally agree with advertiser_seo.
But I also would like to add a number 8-9 to the list.

  1. New members. To me it seems that people who join fiverr nowadays believe they actually buy your soul when they send you 5 bucks. Well, newsflash, first of all, I only get 4 out of the 5 bucks (which most customers don’t seem to know (or don’t want to know)) and with those 4 bucks you buy a service which will be delivered in the agreed time frame. There is no need to ask a seller every 2 hours where your order is. Sellers have lives, too! The downside is that you bend over back and forth for the newbies and when you deliver you order you are either rewarded with silence and the order marks itself as completed. - Well, yeah, that just shows how much some customers really care about their stuff. Or even worse, the newbies find the button to refuse your order to send it back to you for as many times as they can. If you are lucky you get a vague idea about what is wrong or you are left in limbo. (Thanks to the customer who sent me 20 pages of translations back because I used a , instead of a ; on page 18) Just so that the order again eventually markes itself as completed as communication does not take place.

  2. Review System: I think it is absolutely wrong that a seller can’t leave a review first.(Or can I and I just don’t know about it?) If you have a bad customer and s/he decides not to review you, you can’t even warn other sellers. How wrong is that? All power goes to the customers?? And why can I as a seller not rate details like customers can? Why can I only give a max of 5 stars and no details about communication, etc just the way customers can?

If you ask me, those 9 items are more than just “bugs” on a great site.

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I agree with you and I also have a problem with the search algorithm, they are only show the feature gigs then leaves the newcomer gigs which doesn’t have rate.

Newcomer gigs are given the most impressions of all gigs. They are shown in multiple places, many more places than older gigs which are just shown in one place. New gigs are rotated to the top many times in the Recommended Section and the New Section both.

I have no complaints, to be honest.

This is just another flounce post, ya know. I sometimes feel negative about the 20% cut, but tbh, I get loads of work from Fiverr without having to market myself. So I focus on that instead.

The review system does need work, but it’s unlikely to change. Perhaps in the interim, since buyers can grade on 3 metrics (responsiveness, quality of work and ?), the ratings should reflect the individual scores as well as the overall? And implement the same for sellers, who have a flat 5 stars to deal out. All that extra “functionality” is worth nothing if not reproduced as the useful data it is for potential buyers looking over seller ratings (I prefer the thumb system anyway).

I can’t really bothered to go through everything point by point, but Fiverr isn’t “going down”, not by a long shot. There are plenty of issues, but then there are plenty of issues elsewhere on other huge sites. Have you not kept up with the YouTube shitstorm lately? The CEO’s had to do CEO stuff.

By all means, flounce off with your going down predictions, but people are saying the same about YouTube. It’s simply not going to happen in the near future unless a serious and credible alternative with some better USP or just less problems enters the fray–and since you need buyers and sellers to make the whole freelance shebang work, that’s difficult unless you’ve got the capital to throw at it–which Fiverr does. For every pissed off buyer/seller screaming about a scam, there’s thousands who are happy repeat buyers.

Don’t forget to close the door–if the ship’s sinking, you don’t want to add to the leakage…

Didn’t some one say the site was going down about a year or two ago for similar reasons?

Sure, just ask The End Is Nigh placard people in any reasonably-sized urban center screeching about doomsday as their eyes swivel around wildly with fear at the incoming rapture (etc). They’ve been at it for centuries!

The site could be sold for 50 million as it is now and it will only become more and more valuable as time goes on. How is it going down? It’s certainly not from losing money.

Just $50 million? It’s not much really…I would imagine it’s worth a lot more than that.


I mean some apps are worth in the hundreds of millions…surely Fiverr can do better.

It would be fun to see the profit amount.
Someone said they saw my gig advertised on fb through fiverr. I’m sure that if you look at a certain gig on fiverr you may see that same gig advertised on facebook. The site tracks you and ties you to the fb ads. It has sophisticated advertising.

This Quora post has some potential guesses (this is from 2013, so the stats are probably a bit more now–possibly even doubled.)

EDIT: There was another website that put the value at $600m, but it looked a bit dodgy so I won’t post it here.

Yeah that’s called Facebook remarketing…have written several articles on Facebook marketing techniques.

$50 million is what one of our top sportsmen and actors make in a year (in India!)

LOL…$50 million is what 100-150 homes on any upper middle class neighborhood in Bangalore are worth! You add up the homes on my street, they will add up to more than $50 million and we are talking about a third world country…

$600 million is more like it…I won’t sell for less than $1.2 billion…that’s what Yahoo paid Tumblr…

Uber is worth $63 billion…Fiverr is to freelancers what Uber is to taxis…think about it…