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Why I wasn't promoted on fiverr

I complete all things to get fiverr seller level one. but I am still not promoted. can someone help me?


The next evaluation is in 15 nov, so i would suggest to wait until then, if it didn’t change then contact support.


Thanks, I thought seller promited when they complete all challenges by fiverr

Yes, they get promoted, but as far as i know it is not instant, but only in evaluation days, the next one will be in the 15th of november.

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again thanks a lot for correcting my doubt

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It used to be that way, but it changed earlier this year. Now evaluations happen once a month, like dhaouadinoor said. You’ve got to make sure all your stats line up on the 14-15th.

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@ahmwritingco @dhaouadinoor i contacted same issue with fiverr support and here an reply from them

Levels is not an editorial judgment but rather an automated system which continuously monitors your activity and performance for assessment of the appropriate Levels badges. The system had detected that you were not able to be promoted to the next available level because your On Time Delivery ratings. On your account’s Analytics page, you will find the criteria needed to be promoted to the next level (right column).

As you continue to sell on Fiverr, you will be happy to know that over time with good performance and more positive ratings, your account may become eligible for a better level.

my 94% order are delivered on time over a course of 60days. which was 4% above the fiverr 90% requirements.
Am I doing something wrong?

It was probably under 90% in the previous evaluation, and it got 94% recently, like we said, you should wait for the next evaluation, you don’t have any choice anyway.

thanks mate! you are really helpful. sorry for such inconvenience from my side.
Very very thanks:)

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