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Why iam loosing my sells kindly check my gig and advice me

Here is my gig link Thanks


promote your gig through fiverr. if you want to be a part of great community from which you can earn your essentials at a time you have to spend a little bit in order to get more benefits.


Probably because the words in the title,“feminine” are not commonly searched. Just change the title and tags of your gig and see if your impressions/views go up. What are your impressions/view now?

Marketing your gig on forum and social media

You can check it here… i think it will help you


Hi,she has more than 1000 + sales under her profile.

how can i promote my gig through fiverr can you please explain thanks

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its going down day by day … and how can i know the common searched words thanks

I think they’re tweaking something in design category overall. I don’t know what or why but my sales went down quite sharply around the middle of August and there is no sign of improvement yet.

Most of the orders I do get are from regular clients or via custom offers (meaning, there were no direct purchases from the gig page for at least 2 weeks).

And since there is no widespread panic on the forums, I’m assuming it’s somewhat category-specific.

I clicked around the top selling gigs in my category and all the people who used to have 10-15 orders in queue at one time now have 4-6 of them which reflects my situation as well.

In my 3+ years here it happened before a few times — everything going down for no apparent reason — but I don’t recall the down period being this long.

I don’t really have an advice except focusing on the orders you do get, give it a month and compare your income after that. And if it’s not up to your expectations, focus your efforts on taking projects elsewhere. This is my plan anyway.


what the tags should i use
and thank you so much for feedback

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