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Why Iam not getting any orders it has been 1 month?

:disappointed_relieved: iam not getting any order it has been a month, I have put my all effort my description, title all are very good but iam not getting any order.
I have videos also to my gig but no response in orders.
Please help me please :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Sufian3, I understand your impatience to start first order, if you make great description and catchy caption, you must just wait. It is a matter of time when you get first message. I get first order about 3 months after I registered, in start is slow process if you dont have luck, but dont worry you can help your gig to get views, promote on facebook,youtube, and many forum sites with problem that your gig solving.:wink:

Good luck friend:sunglasses:

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Thanks for your tips.
Still I am suffering the same problem. but, when i read your replay its like I’m feeling motivated… Thanks again & Best of luck for upcoming order rain :slight_smile:

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