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Why if I have 13 orders with extras completed in my revenues there are only 10 pending clearance?

I have 14 Revenues for Order Completion and 3 delievered and there are no active gigs left. So, there are only $10 pending clearance. Why is that?

It is marked as complete. And though I delivered this extra and there is a note that I earned $8, this extra still in my new orders. That is really strange.

Couple of reasons:

  1. You may have gigs in the queue which you are still waiting for information on. These will not appear in active gigs.

  2. The order that you delivered may not be marked as complete yet. It will not appear in pending clearance until that happens.

Check if the gigs in question have Extras added. Reason is, I’m having an issue where a basic gig was purchased for $5 and several days later the Buyer wanted more, so we added on an Extra. I delivered the order (after the Extra was purchased) and Buyer gave positive feedback. Now only the basic gig ($5) is pending for clearance, not the Extra.

Yeah! I believe that this is the problem. Even when they buy it not only in several days, but several minutes after, unfortunately, that makes me a little bit confused) :-S

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

P.S. Fiverr Support fixed this issue for me.