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Why ill rating

Please I need your advice .ia buyer gave me a bad rating of 1.7 and it affecting my gig I requested for cancelation which I refuse to accept before 48hours and it was marked as automatic. The money has been refunded to the buyer but his rating was still on my gig and this is affecting my sale .can this still be removed from my gig please I need your quick response.

Contact customer support

I dunno, the buyer seemed to be pretty eloquent in the issues. In any case, to get a review removed with a refund, the buyer needs to agree to it.

What of if he refuse to agree with my cancelation request and it was automatically marked can it be removed?

Unless you get confirmation from your buyer to change the rating there is nothing you can do.

This is what happens when you say things on your profile that are not true. It is never a good idea to try to fake your way on Fiverr. Eventually it catches up with you.