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Why I'll refund him, I fulfilled his requirement


Hi everyone, I’m new seller on fiverr. As a new seller I started in very good way, because I have much experience on my category.I have a bad experience on fiverr with a buyer.I want to share this experience with you.
My buyer offered me to complete his project. First he told me that if I could add a new module/feature into the project. I told him I can do this work.He interviewed me.He asked me about my budget. I told him I’ll do this job for $40/5day.He agreed with the deal. But when he made the order, he made 7 order per $5,means $35. I told him why he did it, he said he could not understand.It was a mistake.If I complete 1st order, he will make next order. I denied his deal. He told me if I can solve some bug, and make a new layout, he will make full order for $40. As I’m new seller, I agreed with his offer.I fixed bugs, designed a new layout, edited and solve some layout issue.I worked whole night, and till morning I completed my job.He saw it and gave me thanks.After some times, he told me redesign the layout, I didn’t , I said I’ll not do it for $5, you have to increase your budget.Again he said if I reset the authentication system.I said it is not $5 dollar job. I didn’t agreed. He complained to fiverr that I can’t do his work.I don’t understand code and wants his money back.I fulfilled his requirement for $5.Now dear seller, give me suggestions what can I do, what was my fault…please…


I am very sorry for your recent experience. Your fault was not being polite with him. From what you said to the buyer; you were rude to be very honest. You overreacted when you told/asked him if he/she was mad.

Beside your skill in your category, you need a good customer support skills to succeed on Fiverr.


I can’t follow all the many times he asked for things, how much each cost, how much you did, how many orders there were. Hopefully customer support will figure it out.

The way you explained the entire thing is very confusing.

You are supposed to describe in the gig description what you will do. And have a price for that.

Then you are supposed to do it as you described it. If you have someone who is saying I need this and that and can you do it then you make a custom order and say EXACTLY what you will do and what it will cost and send that to him.

Then you do exactly what you said you will do in the written custom order.

Never just tell anyone yes I will do it, and it costs $40. WRITE IT DOWN in an order, exactly and send it to him with the price.


10% buyer is like them, carefully Handel them. best of luck.


That’s very precise - I’ve had far fewer than 10% of clients who’ve been less than perfect. Maybe you and the OP are just unlucky?

And there’s your problem! Never a good idea to suggest your buyer is mad I’ve found. :wink:


agree :slight_smile:


Out of 15 order I experienced it 1 time, Which is not much of an headache, Most of the buyers here are very understanding and easy to work with.


Sorry dear fellow, I didn’t say him mad.It is my writing mistake…please forgive me.


Yes it is confusing. I just concise the whole things.As a new seller, I don’t know custom order.It was my fault. thanks for the advice…To be honest I was not rude with him. I said everything politely.He just torturing whole day.


Please forgive me, I didn’t say it. It is my writing mistake.


From what I can understand, the buyer messages you the information about his project, and interviews you to see if you’re right for the job. After deciding to hire you, he asks for your price. You say $40 for 5 day delivery. He then proceeds to make 7 different $5 orders for a total of $35. You let him know that he is missing $5 and he tells you he will pay the $5 after you complete the work. you agree. After you complete the work he tells you to do more work and you say that he has to pay extra for that. AND give you the original extra $5 that he owes you. He refuses and sends a cancellation request citing that you can’t do this job.

If all of that is correct… reject his cancellation request. And continue to do so.


That’s good that you could understand that. Did he send 7 cancellation demands?


Dear fellow, You are right.But he said if I complete first order, he will made new order for $40.It was our deal.I completed all the requirement for first order $5.So I’ll delivery the order and he will make new order for $40, that’s it. Do you understand?


You said he made 7 orders?

If I were customer support and got this message from you which is impossible to figure out, I wouldn’t be able to help you with it.


Yeah, he wants to cancel whole order. I want too, because he is annoying. All day he torture mentally.
But I want my first order, which I fulfilled as his requirement.


Our deal was $40/5days. But he made it $5 for 7unit means $35.It was his tricks to complete whole project step by step.I denied, because our deal was $40. So he said that, if I complete first order, then he will make a new order for $40. that’s it.


Ok then deny the request to cancel. Never do work based on someone promising to pay you more later.

You should have sent a custom offer for $40 to him.


I dont want to work with him.I’ve lots of work. He torture me all day. But I want my first order which I completed.


He disputed me as I’m not a good developer.


Hey misscrystal, would you give me suggestion how can I get my money back.It was 7 orders, I completed 1 order. I will not complete left 6 orders.Is there any possibility to get my money back?