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Why I'm done with the Fiverr Forum

Forum posting is not one of my favorite things to do. I personally prefer face-to-face conversations. Forums have been corrupt cesspools of trolls and a waste of bandwidth since the early days of Usenet. Forums are like a 10/90 steak: 10% meat, 90% fat. In fact, the ONLY reason I’ve posted here at all is because Fiverr said that Forum participation is one of the factors they use in determining who to award Top Rated Seller status.

I’ve done my best to be a “good Fiverr citizen” here in the forums, helping when I see a good question and I know the answer. But it occurred to me today, that a question that I answered was the first real, honest to goodness question that I’ve seen on here in a very long time.

It’s mostly spam, scams, copyright infringement, trolling, and the same stuff that makes up almost all forums on the internet. And the good questions have already been answered a million times. It’s a waste of time to read, a waste of time to respond to, and a waste of internet bandwidth.

I truly empathize with the honest posters and responders, who post intelligent and thoughtful questions and answers, trying to improve their Fiverr business model and share the knowledge. You folks are the grease in the gears.

However, it’s a lost battle. The trolls, spammers, willfully ignorant, and lazy folks have won. I’m leaving the forum. I encourage you to consider it too. Let’s let them spam and troll each other in perpetuity, while nobody visits the forums anymore, except to spam and troll. Let’s give them what they want. They can run their shenanigans, and we can focus on making money for ourselves.

Let’s also keep our knowledge secret. I think that 99.999% of the questions that need to be answered, have already been answered multiple times, and anyone worth being a successful Fiverr seller should be required to use a search function. Why should we help folks who won’t help themselves?

I’m talking to a select few awesome, friendly, and genuinely helpful sellers and buyers on here; Save yourself the trouble, heartache, frustration, and time. You’ve done your service, unplug the life support and just let the forum die.

Goodbye Forum.

Sorry to hear that. Because of your post I’ve checked your demo and think you’re a real pro. Sometimes the search doesn’t give me the results I’m looking for. I searched for someone who can do a Vincent Price voiceover for “Thriller” and found someone who says they can do it and then they sound totally wrong. Good luck.

Alas…another one of the good ones has fallen. Yes, it is an uphill battle. (And by uphill I mean Mt. Everest in a blizzard…) But every now and again, I see a genuine question that I know the answer to. (Or I think I do, which doesn’t matter anyway because @kjblynx will be right there to correct me regardless.) Then I know we have helped someone. (Or helped kjblynx help someone…)

And not only that, from time to time a discussion pops up (much like this one has the potential to be) that is engaging and interesting, at least for a page or two and then it will devolve into chimp-like behavior and feces tossing. But for me, those few first pages are worth it.

There also is a little self serving bit too. As you mentioned, TRS consideration includes forum use. AND, I’ve had a few sales from the forum. I’ve had a buyer or two read a answer to a question I threw out into the ether and in turn sought me out to do a job. (That I know of, but I’m realistic and realize it’s probably not much more than 3 buyers from this forum.)

So there it is. That’s why I will continue to stay and try and dispense my equal parts wisdom. sarcasm and use of ellipses as much as possible…that is, until something shiny distracts me and you will never hear from me again…

I love the phrase ‘willfully ignorant’. It’s so appropriate. I find myself sometimes starting to type out answers or replies only to realize… ‘Wait a minute, I could find out this info in 30 seconds by just searching for it. Why am I helping someone who wants to make a living online who isn’t capable of doing a google search’.

I’ve toyed with the notion of coming up with one of those rubber bracelets that would say “WDGS- What did Google say?”

All the spam has certainly made the forums search feature pretty much useless and thus takes away from the overall usefulness of the forum. Personally i’m not aiming for a TRS badge (don’t want it) but i still have a couple of reasons to answer questions and participate in forum discussions from time to time.

Reason 1

I’d like to think that every honest support request answered on the forums is one less row in CS support ticket queue (we all benefit from this).

Reason 2

Often when i answer someones questions i learn something new.

Reply to @phoenix7813: HA! “WDGS”. So good.