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Why i'm getting less orders

Hi Everyone!
This is Ayesha. I am Graphics Designer and Website Developer. I need some tips from you guys. I’ve been working on fiverr since September 2017. i was getting good response from buyers… i used to have orders on daily basis. but i don’t what is the problem now. I am not getting orders from 2 months… just 3 orders in these past 2 months… i have checked my gigs but they are ok… i don’t know what is the reason. can anybody help me out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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You have 73 reviews, yet you don’t have any level badges. By now you should be on level 2.
I’m guessing you lost a few levels. Losing a level is probably not the root cause, but the reason why you lost your level might be.


Yes… i was about to reach level 2 when i was trapped by a scammer… i did the job and cancelled out the order instead of completing, so i was dropped to no level… now my ratings 94% and completion rate 100%. waiting for the evaluation day… any tips how can i get more orders?

Well, there’s your reason. I bet your impressions and views dropped shortly after that.

Reach out to your old clients outside of Fiverr. You’re not allowed to spam your old Fiverr clients, but you can reach out to clients outside of Fiverr. If you don’t have any then you should get some. Fiverr shouldn’t be your only source of income.

You can also work on your gigs. Add videos, improve your portfolio etc.

ok… thank you :slight_smile: will work on your advice

Modify your gigs, promote your gigs and keep in touch with buyer section . :sunglasses:

Did you ever done marketing of the services you provide? If so, did you got any result?

Good Luck! :+1:

well i did not market my services ever. i should think about it before. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Secondly I checked your profile and found a review ‘4 days ago’.

Don’t think, just do it else you will be thinking about it and your competitors will be going too far from you. :wink: :+1:

Same problem here.
I am also Level Two seller. from 30 days did not get any order,…
Guys please check my gigs. its okay?

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i won’t let that happen :smiley: thanks man

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