Why I'm Leaving Fiverr As A Level 2 Seller


I critique websites as my one and only gig. That’s it. I get frequent messages asking me to write sales letters (that I write for several hundred to over a thousand dollars various other places) for $5 just because I am on Fiverr. That’s simply annoying and not a reason to leave… however…

There is one customer who frequently orders from me. Every time, he makes me put in over 5 hours of work on each gig because he threatens to sabotage my Fiverr business and ruin my reputation if I don’t.

Also, I’m currently dealing with a headache of a customer who demands that I deliver his order via some website that I have to give my credit card information to join. He is threatening to cancel my gig and leave negative feedback if I don’t do it.

It’s getting to the point where it just isn’t worth it anymore.


Sounds like a case for Customer Support. I really think that you should get them involved because a buyer shouldn’t be able to do things like that. I think that keeping you on as a seller would be more valuable to them rather than a malicious buyer.


Yeah you are both right. I can try customer support and see what they can do for me. I guess I was too frustrated to think of that for some reason.


Why are you letting buyers bully you? Send the threatening conversations to Customer Support and they will ensure that any undeserved negative feedback is removed. Also, forcing you to deliver outside of Fiverr may be against the Terms of Service and those buyers could get their accounts suspended, or better yet, get banned.


Reply to @legsknees: They sound like terrible buyers. I could not imagine doing that to another human being. Customer Support is your best option. I hope they will be banned.


Report the one asking you to contact him outside of fiverr immediately as he will get an instant ban for it. This then leaves him having to set up a new paypal address if he wishes to use fiverr again.


But then Fiverr has some issues like people asking you to do more for less money etc and they can even ask for cancellation after you deliver and in most cases, you will have to cancel even though you have delivered. There are too many issues like this which are subjective where Fiverr CS may or may not be able to help you and you will be in the losing end. May be that is the reason why people feel doing things outside is better?


I see that mrspanda’s account is no more. She has been a successful seller here before!



Your buyers don’t “make you” do anything. You are in charge. You have to set the tone for what you do and stick to it.

If your side of the communications with these troublesome buyers is forth right, then by all means take screen shots and report them to Fiverr support.

It sounds like one of them may in fact be violating Fiverr’s TOS.



Very fishy. I can hear your frustration.

You highlight a point I’ve made before that sellers should be able to block buyers who want to take advantage or hold you hostage.

In real life I have the right not to work with people, but why not on here?

I must say though that my experience has thus far been very good. I’e had very few issues and am pleased to say that all my repeat customers I appreciate working with.

I think customer service can help you out. Definitely worth a try.