Why I'm leaving Fiverr


So I’ve had my ups and downs with Fiverr over the course of this last year, it’s a great idea but the execution leaves something to be desired in terms of trustworthiness of some of the sellers.

That said, the reason I’m leaving Fiverr and not purchasing any more gigs for the foreseeable future is that Fiverr seems to take a blind eye to obvious scammers.

I reported a Top Rated Seller and explained how he’s scamming people with his two gigs and they said they would look into it. Two weeks later and the scammer is still a top rated seller, his gigs are still available for purchase, and “people” are still buying from him.

I’m leaving Fiverr because if a Top Rated seller is able to scam people even after being reported it pretty much destroys any trust I have in the system to protect buyers.

Best of luck to all the Fiverr sellers that are legitimate and a shoutout to Madmoo and Alliemadison for being easy to work with.

To Fiverr scammers, you’re the reason people stop using Fiverr and I hope karma catches up to you.

To Fiverr Trust and Safety team, do something about top rated sellers that are scamming. You can see the “evidence” he sends, you can see his gig description, you can see how he responds to any and all complaints. Yet you continue to let him prey and use his top seller status to get gigs.

Maybe some day I will revisit Fiverr to see if anything is changed, maybe this post will get deleted/hidden/get me banned, maybe Fiverr will do something about this guy.

Lots of Maybes, the only guarantee is that this guy is a scammer and to me it isn’t about the money, it’s about the fact that he’s a top rated seller and he gets away with it. The evidence was easy to see, I’m not the only one that got burned, and yet he’s still around.

Good luck to all the Fiverr Sellers and Buyers that just want a place to get/find work.


Out of interest, how does he scam? I know you can’t name names, but I’m just curious. Surely he must have feedback of some sort telling people he’s disingenuous? Surely that should then be enough to discourage the smart people from dealing with him?


Reply to @sara1984: He cancels any orders that leave negative reviews, my guess is he also orders a bunch of his own gigs and leaves 5 star reviews in order to generate traffic.

His gig description is very clearly stated and the proof he sends clearly does not match what he promises in the gig. There was also 0% conversion rate when even a 1% conversion rate of his promised gig would have had a huge effect.

Why the Trust and Safety team don’t read his messages he sends people, the proof he sends people, and let this guy continue doing what he’s doing baffles me.

I understand they won’t tell you the action they take, but if this guy is still doing the same thing two weeks later it really makes me skeptical of whether they actually looked into it.


There are more scammer buyers than the sellers here. If it wasn’t for the ‘be nice’ rules,

we would be seeing Hulks everywhere.

Sellers have endless stories of their sorrows.

But we have learned to cope with the ‘clever’ buyers over time.

It is not easy to survive as a seller here.

A buyer can come here any time. Even after being banned a new account can easily be created.

The sellers have to build reputation, talk politely even if they don’t want to.

A few warnings and your account is gone.

So who deals with more B.S. here?


Reply to @kay2809: One doesn’t justify the other. The fact that there are top rated sellers that are scamming should be enough to worry everybody. I’m sorry if you’ve encountered scamming buyers but the reality is that scamming sellers just make your job harder.

When Trust and Safety aren’t doing anything even when it’s obvious from the proof delivered versus what the gig promises and when they let an extremely rude seller maintain a top rated seller status, it undermines the entire system.


Reply to @blakegrandon: You are just talking about one seller, and that too a Top rated seller.

You may be right about that.

But sellers have to deal with many of the buyers.

I honestly agree that the support does not work as we expect.

Check the ‘Rant’ section here in the forum and you will see majority of them are sellers.

My point was just that it is more difficult for sellers to survive here.


Reply to @blakegrandon: It’s unfortunate, but Fiverr isn’t about trust. Why would “Trust & Safety” care about one of their bigger earners being fraudulent when a bulk of sellers sell services and products that clearly violate the ToS right out of the gate?

I don’t condone it and I certainly understand why you don’t want to encourage things by continuing to use the service. But before you give up, you might want to consider that you’re potentially taking work away from legitimate sellers as well as Fiverr’s coffers.

It might seem a bit dramatic, but it’s not much different to deciding if you want to buy merchandise you know is manufactured under bad conditions for the workers - you don’t want to support a sweatshop, but at the same time, those workers need to eat.

Good luck to you.


And… just dealt with one of those buyers right now. Just posting this for the records.

Worked my a** off and have to cancel and give refund :slight_smile:


Reply to @kay2809: No need to post that for the record - just about every seller here knows that story!


Reply to @kay2809:

kay2809 said: Check the 'Rant' section here in the forum and you will see majority of them are sellers.
That's because sellers are trying to earn a living, the buyers just show up, try to get their goods and head off. They just don't care as much. ;)


Reply to @itsyourthing: Hehe, just for the unaware.


How do you cancel a badly rated order? I thought that once you deliver your work and the seller rates it, it’s there for life…


Reply to @hypnodoc: After it is marked complete (reviewed by the buyer), you have 14 days to cancel. by going to the resolution centre tab on the order page, requesting the cancellation.


Reply to @kay2809: But the buyer does have to agree to the cancellation, yes?

So the buyer has the power to refuse and leave the negative feedback?


Reply to @itsyourthing: I have not done this type of cancellation (cancellation after review), fortunately. But if the buyer does not respond, it is cancelled anyway. And review must be removed since buyer gets the refund.

If buyer rejects the cancellation then we can request again (I had a tug of war once with a buyer). Then at last if the buyer refuses the cancellation and you don’t try anymore then you keep the funds and review.

You can also contact the ‘support’ to get involved but no idea how well it is handled in this situation. :

One response I know for sure is to get in touch with your buyer :slight_smile: As if we have not tried that already.


Reply to @kay2809:

kay2809 said: You can also contact the 'support' to get involved but no idea how well it is handled in this situation. :
One response I know for sure is to get in touch with your buyer :) As if we have not tried that already.
Of course! When problems are usually caused by mis-communication, it makes perfect sense to keep communicating! ;)


Reply to @blakegrandon: I’m a bit baffled how this works. Maybe something changed but I think this is how it works.

  1. Someone orders a gig. The seller does the gig and delivers it. The buyer leaves a negative review. The seller cancels the gig but the review still stays.

    In the above, the only way to get rid of the negative review is via Customer Service.

  2. Someone orders a gig. The seller does the gig and delivers it. The buyer asks for a modification. The seller cancels. In this case the product was not delivered but a modification was requested so no review was done.

    As far as I know, those are the only two scenarios. So I’m not sure how the seller removed the review even if he cancelled the gig, unless there was a modification request by the buyer. Other than that, only CS can remove the review and for that to happen the seller has to build a case and prove he was wronged. In most cases, CS does not remove reviews.

    As far as you leaving. I’m not being nasty just realistic. The fact is, it doesn’t matter. Fiverr has a lot more newbies coming on board than people leaving…