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Why I'm lowering my prices once again


Last year, I had a bit of an attitude problem. I wanted to make more money per order, I was tired of only getting $5 for some orders plus all the additional drama some orders create.

So I decided to increase my prices and at first it was exciting, it’s nice to make $10 from one order instead of $5, or when one order is worth $20 or even $40.

However, my sales didn’t go up, and now I realize that it’s better to get more customers for less and hope that some of them become repeat clients, versus working less for more.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to do more for $5, and some of my gigs are still at $10 because there are some things I can’t do for $5. It’s simply that sometimes it’s better to be a Walmart with long lines vs. a a fine boutique with no customers.

Sometimes you can price yourself out of a market. I know I did. Think about it, who’s going to pay $20 for a LinkedIn summary? Nobody. Yet at $10, I got one order today after weeks of nothing.

I’ve discovered that charging less helps people pay a little more, and maybe people won’t have unrealistic expectations because they’re not paying too much. If they do, maybe it won’t hurt so much to give them a refund.

Long ago, I had a fantasy of someday charging a $50 minimum per order and making $400 a day with just 8 orders a day, which is $320 after Fiverr’s 20%. But now I know better, there are very few sellers that can get away with that, the market just isn’t there. You can’t be a fine boutique when the people want Walmart.

So this year, I’m going back to lower prices. I’m also going to read all my gig descriptions and see if I’m sounding unfriendly.

People tell me I have an attitude, maybe they’re right. I refuse to be a slave of the customer, but that doesn’t mean I have to insult him before he orders.

If I get too many orders, maybe I can raise the one-day delivery price, but for everything else, I will keep my prices low.


Good luck! I would be interested to hear more about your success with this down the road too. Keep us updated. :slight_smile:


You can always have a base price of $5 with a 2 day turnaround and offer a 24 hour turnaround for an added $5/$10. That could be your incentive to bring in the fish from the seas.

Oh yea, keep up the hope


I like your dog :slight_smile:

Your idea of a 2-day turnaround is clever, but since all my gigs are 3-days, I can’t use it. Sometimes I will deliver in 24 hours without getting paid for it. After all, the sooner I deliver, the sooner I get paid, and I really need the money. I’m desperate, I even applied for a job at Starbucks. Can you imagine me at Starbucks? God help the customers. LOL


Thanks jonbass, it’s always nice seeing you on the forum. Hope everything is going well with you. :slight_smile:


You could always start your journey to becoming a “Sound Engineer”. (I did give you my 2cents on that thread of yours)

In terms of the days, I merely gave an example. But you alone would understand best, what does and does not work for your business.:slight_smile:


That would be interesting, I would probably go there just to watch how you deal with stupid people discussing their double whipped, chocolate infused, peppermint sauce frappucino.
On the plus side, you would probably spell customer names correctly.


I started freelancing on different platforms a year ago, joined fiverr 6 months ago, got no order in first 3 months…

Total number of Clients on other platforms = around 20
Total number of clients at fiverr = around 40

Earned on other platforms is 2 times than at fiverr… You are right low price service implies more clients…


Certainly is interesting to experiment with.

From what I can tell, since Fiverr is marketed as a cheaper site, the people on here are generally looking for low prices. So, to make good money, you need to be doing LOTS of work for smaller amounts of money. It adds up, but takes a long time.

I can get a gig on another freelance site that essentially pays $50 for what I’d do on Fiverr for $5. However, there’s not as much work coming in from that other site. So, until the day comes that I can abandon Fiverr because I’m making enough income elsewhere, I’ll be here. Not always happy with the earnings from some jobs, but Fiverr is a big part of my income.

I’ve made minor adjustments like changing my express gigs to 2 days with the extra, upping the price of some gigs that seemed to be higher profile clients who’d pay the price regardless, just to see what would happen.

It certainly helps to start low, build your reputation, and then increase some prices slightly and see what happens. I’ve found as a buyer that when I go to order a $5 gig but then it turns into $25 for what I need, I’m very turned off. That’s why I try to keep my gigs as simple and transparent as possible.


@fastcopywriter - Thanks. I enjoy being here. :slight_smile:

And I’m doing well. I can’t complain. 2016 was good to my (in all areas of my family, work and life). I am looking forward to the promise of the same here in 2017.

I hope 2017 is looking good for you as well.


I’ll spell it as I hear it. If they want it spelled correctly, they have to write it themselves. Besides, have you seen the crazy names people have? Maybe there’s a customer named “Classi” with an i.


Lol, my name is pronounced Owen, in case you are wondering. It has never been written correctly in Starbucks… :frowning2:


I’ve been accused many, many times of being insensitive. After being told how mean I am all the time, it got annoying and I just got - well, more insensitive. I like to think I’ve gotten better, but in my line of work (my real job, not the part time one), sensitivity isn’t something I worry too much over.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “insult him before he orders.” I think you are short and to the point - some people may take that the wrong way. With people from so many different backgrounds, on this platform, sometimes being a bit more “wordy” helps to prevent misunderstanding.


I could use a little of that, being insensitive. You’re lucky.


Whatever works for you.

I’m going the other way with Packages. My base price is still $5, but IF you have something you do very well, then you can command more even on Fiverr (or anyplace else you work).

After adding Packages my average order price is higher, and my volume hasn’t dropped. That said, I had a solid base before doing that.

It depends on if you’re offering something more unique, and/or something that makes more money for others when done well. The question is: What is the value of your offering to others?

Everybody has to find what works for them, but I’m working toward requiring more investment with each order AND still do volume. Cheap is a very tough position to defend over time, and others can easily match you on price if that’s the primary unique thing you have. Cheap doesn’t speak to value, and value is the key.

Quality, value and great service are harder to match, and over time everybody needs to figure out how to have something special about what they do. (Look at how many people purchase Apple products, when there are alternatives for less.)

Someone else will probably do it cheaper than you or match you over time, as new people are willing to do work for the experience. Hopefully you’re looking at what you can do better, to make your gigs worth more for your clients, THEN you can ask for more money. Just making it more expensive doesn’t make it better, BUT better work is often more expensive.

You decide where in the market you want to focus.


Well, insulting him might be having something in your gig description like this.

“If you don’t know my style, I recommend a Bronze or Silver order.
Please, you’re not doing me any favors by making a $40 order if you’re going to demand a refund later on.”

I got rid of the second sentence, I think it was too negative. Negativity usually scares people.


Thanks. Right now the goal is to get more orders, not so much to make a lot of money. If I’m charging $10 or $20 and nobody orders, I don’t make anything.


I see, well like I said, direct and to the point - but it may have been a good call to get rid of that line.


Oh, no, no no! Please, do not let me rub off on you!!! :innocent:


Lor price attratcs more buyers , however you can’t dish out the best and overwork yourself for $5 . This is why there is different packages which you can offer. The buyer can make an informed decision