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Why i'm not getting a single buyer for my services?

It’s been almost a week I joined Fiverr. But i’m not finding a single buyer since I posted my first gig. I am offering background removal service at very affordable rates. I have also attached my work in the gallery to showcase.

I got 1 click on my post and 19 impressions on first day. The buyer wanted me to call him privately. I politely denied his request. Since then I’m getiing no response from any buyer.

Yesterday I posted 2nd Gig about photo retouching and enhancing but still no response. I am very optimistic about Fiverr.

Can anyone tell me like how much time it takes to find work from 1st buyer?


Just last week I removed a background using a free automated service.

Also, despite the existence of free, do-it-yourself automated background removal services, there are hundreds of gigs here offering background removal.

Never create a gig before you know your competition on Fiverr and off. Understanding your competition and market is rule number one in sales. I don’t understand why people don’t consider this in assessing sales. Why don’t people research?


I’m sure people here wanting to get some advance level background removal services and that’s what I’m looking to offer. Well, I understood your point of demand and supply of services. I will post some other gigs in coming days and will see the response.


Maybe that’s what you should be communicating in your Gig description.

Why should somebody buy from you? Because you’re more precise than the cheaper alternatives. Why are you more precise? Well, that’s for you to answer.

You have to state clearly what you provide, then you have to prove you can provide it.

At the moment, all you say in your description is you’re an experienced designer. You haven’t even stated that you don’t use automated services! You’re currently in a grey area where you’re not appealing to anybody!


I just got to know that there are automated services available to do this job. I will update my description and add some more details about my service. Could you please suggest me some more points that would help me come out of that grey area?

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That’s something you might want to try doing on your own.
There are popular sellers who offer the same services.
Did you check them out? Did you read their gig descriptions?
There is a good reason those people are getting many sales while background removal
is such a competitive gig.
Be sure to do enough research, you’ll be able to point out those gray areas by doing so.


Fair enough. Everybody grows during their time on Fiverr.

At the very least, you’ll want to distinguish yourself from the cheaper alternatives. Make it clear your service is a premium one (if indeed it is).

You could talk about the benefits of hiring an expert for background removal. You could talk about how your service is superior to free or cheaper services. Include concrete evidence if possible.


The question is: why didn’t you do that before you created your gig? And how are you different from what this service provides? My job wasn’t even that simple, but the automated service performed it accurately. Maybe you do something more complex, but you don’t seem to know if the market is even looking for something complex.

We only have suggestions because we did the research that you did not do. If you research yourself, you won’t need to ask us for these suggestions.


It’s not completely true that I didn’t research about this particular service. Maybe It wasn’t enough. I have seen those profiles are getting work and noticed that their thumbnails aren’t that attractive and not giving information about their work. But still they are getting work. I have also read their descriptions and they were just fine. I am new here. Asking for suggestions are not bad idea. We come to know about a different POV. Self research has it’s own place.


Me as well facing this issue. :frowning:


This is the most fundamental thing to research. If you hadn’t researched this, you hadn’t researched.

It’s tough out there! I would suggest making a unique video to explain your services. Like Fiverr says, videos increase engagement by up to 40% , also, look through all of the Fiverr categories and find a niche area that is suitable to your expertise. :blush: