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Why I'm not getting any job

Why i’m not getting any job yet. Please tel me something that is my mistake.
Here my gig link:


#1 your English is terrible. Grammar is all backwards. This makes you appear uneducated.

#2 this sort of offer looks dodgy as flying dodgem cars. Is it even ok within the Fiverr TOS? You might want to be really sure. I just commented on a post with a fellow who (unwisely) paid for such a service and nothing happened.

#3 asking for client feedback is a big TOS no no that can get you a warning.

That may be two warnings already. I’ll stop there. I am not trying to be mean at all. You asked and I truly want to see people succeed, but this is not the path. Find an honorable thing you can do.



Thanks for suggest me :slightly_smiling_face: