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Why I'm not getting any order since last two months?

My last two order is completed well and the buyer gives me five-star ratings with a recommendation. But It’s been two months since I’m not getting any order. Which can be the reason behind this and how can I improve my gig impression?


You have no control over your gig impressions. That’s not how impressions work. Impressions are only gained with someone searches for your gig, and it shows up in the search results, on on its Fiverr category page. You are, therefore, unable to improve your gig impressions.

If you want more orders, you are going to have to find your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and convince them to hire you. You are going to have to work hard to earn your orders. They don’t appear just because sellers want them. All orders are earned as a result of actions, whether that be marketing, promotion, gig design, creating catchy gig images, etc.


Thanks a lot for your kind information.

My suggestion is be active , create some new gigs & send buyer request.

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send buyer request daily

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@sis_graphics and @social_expro thank you very much for the suggestions.

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