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Why i'm not getting any order?

Experts tell me.Here is my gig link:
Someone told me that gig price should be lower as a new seller level.That’s why i reduce my starting price 100$ to 50$.But i am not gonna lower this starting price.Actually complex work for lower price is like working free.Modeling,texturing+exterior & interior,uv ,animation consume tone of time & labor for a lower price it’s not suitable for me
Any tips that would be help me out ??

Prices should be lower than the market. That’s how you can beat your competitors.

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How i understand this algorithm ?

If you or anyone else will understand fiverr algorithm then people will be able to play a system. That’s why fiverr is not transparent about sharing it.

For me I don’t see a ought examples of what you can do and the examples that you have doesn’t really speak as for what your clients will get. You have video feature and you can upload pdf file presentation with more of your examples and animations to showcase your work. You are charging ok price and you shouldn’t go lower however there are a lot of desperate sellers on fiverr doing the same work for 5$ and you do need to be able to showcase your abilities to attract clients.


Wow lot of information.