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Why i'm not getting any orders after my 1st order?

I find that a lot of new sellers ignore the presentation aspect of the gig.

Sometimes you can see it’s something gorgeous that has a lot of potential but it’s stretched, and blurry, and has a cute girl picture on the side for no reason. And then the gig description is full of vague statements and big words that don’t mean anything.

I’m not saying that good presentation is 100% guarantee of success but it matters a lot. It gives an impression that you know what you’re doing and take pride in your work (which is attractive).


Totally. Impressions matter. People can tell if you understand messaging and value. They can also tell if you don’t.

I didn’t mean that design isn’t important, but that even if it is great, you won’t necessarily engage, unless you can show value and results.


Thank you got more things

Thanks wardiva.
i see you have only one gig. try to make more gigs related to your services.
use high professional gig images and description