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Why i'm not getting any orders

I am new and not getting orders now I am fedup kindly help me how my gig start geting impressions and clicks ?

My gigs impressions and clicks very low :disappointed_relieved:

I am offering 100% authentic hard work my research is very strong I am giving many things in just $5 then why I am not getting orders

Guide me help me please what is the game behind fiver success thanks


Here you go:


thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome dear. :rofl:


Don’t give up mate, you will get there sonner or later.


Then research what are the services have more demand on this platform and improve your self on that field and open a gig.

Both of your gigs were with very less demands and more competitive.

If you want to survive only from these 2 gigs then do more marketing and keep on submitting buyer requests.




Belive me My first gig is for Data Entry and Translation service … i got only one order for first 2 months. Now i have paused those gigs.

i have researched and learned to provide services which are having more demand… that made me to move to the success.

Still i am on learning on some other services as well which can be benefited me more.

Now a days learning is not a big issue as you can learn anything on the internet with video presentations… but it will work only if you interested to learn.

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work hard and stay 24/7 hours online. you will benefit.


I had a look at your PowerPoint formatting gig and I’m afraid your service quality is simply not good enough considering what your competitiors are offering.

Here are a few possible reasons why buyers won’t choose your gig

  • Your gig description & profile have way too many grammar mistakes.
  • Your gig package includes copywriting, which is not your strength and this is not something you’ll learn overnight either. You should probably focus only on formatting.
  • If you call yourself an expert then you should know how to write PowerPoint.
  • You’re using Activa template which is fine, but the license costs $20 per client. Your most expensive package is $20. It doesn’t add up, which means you’re not paying for the license and your clients might get into trouble.

These are just some of the problems with your gigs, but if you start with these you’ll have a better chance getting orders.


thanks for this advice…
i will try my best…:slightly_smiling_face:

i will try my best :slightly_smiling_face:

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same Situation :frowning:

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You can use suitable gallery image.
Download fiverr app from play store and reduce your average response time. One hour quick response is good.

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You can send buyer request daily. Trying is the best thing. Never get back. trying trying…

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yes i will:slightly_smiling_face:

Change your profile picture 1st that was not look good change gigs descriptions do not copy paste write your own add relevant tags change your Gigs images try to make your on images stay online send buyer request daily and than share your Gigs on social media as well that will help you get order.

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improve your gig and send daily buyer request.

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