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Why I'm not getting my first order?

I have been here for a while but I didn’t get my first order yet
Is there anything wrong with my gigs?
Please give me some helpful tips to improve my gigs

Your gigs are clear and straight to the point.
There is no guarantee of any kind to make a sale. There is no time frame for it and it’s also possible that one makes no sale ever.

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Try to get work from buyer request tab. You get 10 requests each day. Use them all every day. You will surely get your first order and much more.

I got my initial 10-15 orders from buyer request.

Hope that helps.


@mariokluser @umair_673 Thank you

HI umair_673 How does the buyer request tab works? Please explain!


Selling tab>buyer request>choose the category you want to work on if you have multiple gigs, and send a request.

Type #UPYOUR in the forum search field. You’ll find a series of very helpful & well-thought-out posts.

This is NOT how it works. He has to look if somebody has posted a request and then send them an offer.

This is what I meant. You get 10 offers daily. There are always a lot of requests in “buyer request” tab. If he uses all 10 of his requests, he will surely land 1-2 jobs.
Well, this is what I did to get the initial 10-15 orders. After that, I got a lot of traffic and didn’t need to go to buyer request.


Thanks you guys for all the advice. I will enforce what I’ve learned here and see what I come up with.

Thanks for the tip. I will continue to use buyers request until I get orders