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Why im not getting new orders

Hello friends hope your all fine plz check my gig why im not getting orders after 1st order im so worried :face_with_thermometer:


Me also :weary: since march


You got a lot of saves so people see your gig and like it but why no orders I don’t know really. I personally don’t like your Gig video it is just a slideshow with those spinny transitions myb work on that.

Also, your gig images have some vibe like you used really unprofessional before/after font and didn’t even really try to crop it correctly.

Your Gig description is all bold and highlighted and just a big list of what I guess you wanted to use as keywords but it just looks off to me.

Keep in mind this is my personal opinion! :grin:


Thanku for your kind suggestion sir

i am not too successful here so you are probably better off asking someone else (but ask on the forum and never on the main Fiverr site as that is punishable). Your Primary gig image is pretty great when on full screen really amazing but when it is just a thumbnail there is so many words which I can’t read.

That may push someone to click on it and read it (Might happen but I don’t realyl think so) or just to pass on it and find something that is more explicit and easier to see/understand.

Your personal short description (thing under your profile picture) is also off. Look at others for a reference as I can’t write that for you.

Offer more packages, describe them better and maybe don’t use unlimited revisions as it won’t really help you that much to get more orders but it certainly attracts scammers and trolls that can infinitelly ask for revisions etc.

I don’t even know what is up with that baby gig image… it just looks weird probably should change that and for your second gig image maybe should be something more interesting to look at rather than background removal and color change. Do a little composit maybe or in 1 image put 4-6 smaller ones with examples of different services you provide.

Again this is my personal opinion and I really went nit picking about it! Good luck :grin:

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Wow :heart_eyes: thank you for your reply. I will work on that …thanks

It is happening every where, we the new members have not completed any transaction

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I am here for 15 days and I have completed quite a bit. :grin:

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