Why I'm not getting order? here is the solution!


Hi there,

Today I’m going to tell you the best way to get orders easily but the most important thing in this method you need to search for your skill category.

Every day make 2 gigs about your skill and then your gig leave for 5-8 days. When you not getting any order on your gig then delete it and make another gig.

So when you making daily 2 different gig so it easy to get order.

Asad ZIa

Want to Remove Bad Feedback? Here's a Loophole
Want to Remove Bad Feedback? Here's a Loophole

Making and deleting gigs won’t help you gain customers.


I think this is not the solution to get orders…


This doesn’t seem at all likely. Having a profile photo that is not original can be a serious problem. One real piece of advice I would suggest is to change your pic to a photo of you (not stock) or unique logo or avatar. The Fiverr logo is not unique and is under copyright.


lol, without positive reviews from buyers to reassure other buyers that your gig is the ish
i doubt you will get constant orders.


Maybe he was able to game the system with the brilliant strategy. He has 9 new gigs!


Thanks everyone for your comment’s

I don’t want to spam on Fiverr because the I’m working on Fiverr from last 18 to 19 months. But when I apply this strategy to make every day 2 new gigs I’m getting a lot of order because of this the opportunity to reach different clients, because when you apply different strategies then you must get the result.

So I don’t want to cheat anyone by this method if you don’t like so it’s ok but my suggestion please for one month apply this method you will definitely get the result.



You have multiple logo design gigs – which seem to be pretty much the same. Fiverr has been known to penalize sellers who copy their gigs just to have more of the same scattered throughout Fiverr’s marketplace. You only need one gig per skill. A better strategy than you suggest is to focus on making one logo design gig eye-catching. Put your best foot forward… don’t scatter small bread crumb gigs that don’t offer anything new or different.


It’s a good solution for many things. Or is it? Yes, I am cross-promoting and spamming my post, but only here.


It’s the loophole one. I can’t be arsed to find it again and copy paste the url.