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Why i'm not getting order ?Please tips me


I’m new on Fiverr, But I have over 5 years experience in the freelance career.I have worked on many projects in others marketplace.

But I’m not getting much on Fiverr.My Profile

If you have little time, please check my gigs My Gigs Link

Suggest me, if have any error in my gigs :slight_smile:

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Your rating of 4.2 probably hurts you. I’d imagine many buyers just dismiss your gig.

You may need to offer a fair bit more than your competitors in order to build your rating back up.


You are right on here.Someone didn’t understand about my gigs.He was not talking before ordering.It was not my fault, he was given poor feedback.which is very disappointing me.:disappointed_relieved:


While I don’t know the backstory, his feedback is the only plausible one to me.
Please note that I just look at it from the perspective of somebody who just browses through the side.
The feedback of the ‘American’ that says ‘best in Fiverr’ (all in capital letters) is as phony as it can be, because Americans are very likely to speak English and this isn’t.
My guess is that potential buyers are noticing that something is going on here and go on to the next seller.