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Why I'm not getting order!

Hello friends,
I have complete 9 order in 1 year.
I need help for how to improve my gig and get more order. I’m always active in fiverr and send many many buyer request but not get order.
I’m providing mailchimp responsive editable template and responsive HTML template.
So guys please help me how to improve me !!!


Your recent delivery was 22 hrs ago so perhaps business is picking up.

Check this out: for how to get more orders.

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Yes friend.
last 1 month i have not get a single order.

Just a little tip. Suggest you do not address others as friend, dear, buddy, mate, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

Definitely not to be used when replying to Buyer Requests!


Thank you very much for your great information!
I start to write as a send buyer request something like that !
Hi friend,sir,madam,brother, etc. I think that’s why i not success in buyer request, I’m already send 133 buyer request and only have 4-5 buyer response !

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Just say Hi or Hello.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps there aren’t enough people who need this service.

Have you studied your potential customers? Have you researched their needs? Or are you just offering a service, with no market research, and expecting hundreds of sales to drop in your lap?

If you want customers, go learn about those customers, and find ways to provide the services that they need. That’s how business works.


Thank you for your great idea !

try not to stick in “mailchimp responsive editable template and responsive HTML template”
There is many more things you can sell in fiverr. Expose, learn new things and try to offer new service in fiverr. Try to maintain multiple gigs under different categories.