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Why i'm not getting ORDERS continuously?

Hello Everyone ,

Hope you doing good i want to ask why i’m not getting order after 3 orders like why not continuously ? how can i sell faster ? Here is my profile please check if there any problem

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You can’t keep getting orders continuously. You are competing with thousands of other Gigs and Sellers. You are doing a great job by getting 3 orders already, you joined this March! It’s always hard to go through competing with the new Gig against other ones and is not an easy job to get orders here, especially as a new seller.

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Hello, hope all are good. Some personal opinions to you:

  1. Try to send 10 buyer request daily.
  2. Promote your gigs as much you can.
  3. Try to be active in fiverr and fiverr forum.
  4. Make sure that you gig is 100% error free.

Hope that these will help you to make sales. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your valueable answer yes i’m new i know

Thanks for your valueable answer
but buyer request not showing