Why im not getting orders even im selling the best gig


well im selling 50k soundcloud plays for only $5 this is the cheapest gig on fiverr but why im nt having the orders


A 384 77 117 8 0 % please help me


What you are offering could be regarded as Black Market Marketing which is surely frowned upon!

Maybe you should analyse the markets and see what is selling like the rest of us! I here SEO is a great seller!


so i should not sell on fiverr? anyway fiverr makes millions with black marketing X_X


Reply to @kjblynx: sir how u can say i sell fake plays? i listen other people songs everyday and i earn points then when i promote my song link other people listen it

u have no rights to say i sell fake your just making my costumer uncomfortable so please thanks


Reply to @kjblynx: there is 7 billion people in the world 50k is nothing maybe this answer is enough take care bye


Reply to @worldrock: Please be just as rude if anyone is foolish enough to order from you. That should really help you succeed.


I’m offering Seo services but I haven’t made much sales.


Reply to @kjblynx: Sir, you’re making his costumes uncomfortable!


Reply to @mrproofreading: :-))


I joined fiver a week ago, and i have not received any message, not even form a friend not to talk of orders, it there anything i need to do about this??? i was told fiverr is an interesting place before joining.


although, i offer photo to cartoon gig, maybe is no more selling on fiver anymore… please advice me on what to do.