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Why I'm not getting orders


Hello guys
It has been more than one month I’m not getting orders I have sending 10 buyer requests daily but no response
What should I do now?


If you type “how to write a buyers request” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


You should edit your gigs, try new tags. Buyers Requests is unreliable. Some of these buyer are getting 50 requests, so the chances of you getting picked are slim.

My trick is to answer all questions when I write the request, and show the buyer I read his request.

“Hi Joe, I love the 420 industry! I will do X for you and deliver in 3 days. I offer one revision. If you don’t need Y, you can request another custom offer or order directly from my gig.”

This works occasionally. Or you can copy and paste the same thing and give it to multiple buyers.

“Hi, I do X for $X and deliver in X days. Every order includes one revision. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.”


This is really helpful.
Thank you.


You should experiment,please never give up, if you want to work and dedicated.


I am now open my new gigi but dot get order


@misswasnani No problem, Please be patient then you will success. But continue your practice!


Thank you I will try it and I’m editing my gigs tags but no response


Thanks sweet2…
I’m keeping patience but want to know where I’m wrong


You mention certain skills that you don’t have gigs for in your profile description (e.g. writing and editing). I’d suggest removing them. Also, it seems like your profile description starts over twice (in the middle where you say “Hi there”, it seems like it’s a completely new start). That could be confusing and put off potential clients.

I don’t understand why you have multiple T-shirt gigs that seem to be offering the same thing. It’s good to offer a specialized gig such as your mother’s day one, but since it’s only really applicable once a year I’d say get rid of that.


I have seen your fiverr profile. Just marketing your gig and send proper buyer request. :slight_smile:


First imagine you were a buyer searching for logos, resumes, or whatever you do. Then search on Fiverr for what you want, and see if you discover some tags that nobody or few people are using.

For example, I found several results when I searched “mother t-shirt” but when I search “mother tee,” I get no results. So this could be a great opportunity for you. You can also do “mother tshirt” without the hyphen, I did and saw only 6 results.

Either way, all your gigs are in very competitive categories, so it’s going to be hard to stand out from the pack.


Since you’ve asked for advice, I will offer some constructive criticism.


I watched the video for this gig, and your t-shirt designs are nice, but the video design is not as high quality as your t-shirts.

One suggestion is to change the text for the preview image of the video to “Eye-Catching T-Shirt Graphics for Only $5.” A different background image for that text might be better too. Generally speaking, the video could be improved. If making videos isn’t your strength, or isn’t something you want to spend a lot of time on, I would be more likely to buy just based on pictures of your T-Shirt designs.

I’m not a professional seller, those are just my thoughts if I was considering to buy your service.

I’m also new here, and have gone back to my gigs a few times to improve the presentation of my service. We can have the best product on the market, but the first thing a potential buyer sees is how it’s presented.

Always going back and trying to make the gigs more appealing.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck.

Hopefully next month we will both be improving and selling more gigs!




Its very useful for us. Thanks


Should i delete Mother’s Day tshirt gig?


Thank you for your information


I have been in fiver for more than two years now and what I realize is there are some low seasons, then there are some high seasons.
It is good to know the seasons.


@sabakanwel This is considered as spamming the forum. You need to make your own posts asking for help. Also essay writing gigs are not allowed by Fiverr.


Really Outstanding. carry on.